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Bad Driver Monitor

The DriveCam video event data recorder is the heart of the complete Driving Feedback System that has been proven to improve driving safety and reduce operating costs for commercial fleets.

How DriveCam Works

DriveCam is a palm-sized video recorder that monitors driving activity and records sights and sounds inside and outside a vehicle. When a triggering "event" happens ? an accident, hard acceleration, stop, or turn ? images and sounds are saved and later analyzed to determine what happened.

Forward-Facing View

The DriveCam unit is mounted inside the vehicle, in the center of the windshield. A forward-facing lens gives a wide field of vision, and a microphone picks up sounds inside and outside the vehicle.

Rear-Facing View

A second, optional lens with a 120-degree field of vision views the vehicle's interior.

20-Second Window

DriveCam records images and sounds into a digital looping memory buffer. It typically records for 10 seconds before resetting itself and repeating the sequence. Once triggered, it saves another 10 seconds following the trigger point, creating and saving a 20 second event that shows not only what happened, but why it happened.

DriveCam Features

* Expandable digital memory
* Software adjustable sensors
* Automatic and manually activated recordings
* Full motion, full color video

DriveCam Illuminator (optional)

The DriveCam Illuminator ensures that video events captured by DriveCam's inward facing camera will be clearly visible even in low light conditions. The Illuminator uses an omni-directional infra red light source, invisible to the human eye but easily seen by the DriveCam video event data recorder.


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