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Vehicle Impound

Court Ordered Vehicle Immobilization

Persons driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and convicted suspended driving offenders of DUIs are a constant threat and danger to society. Effective "court-ordered sanctions" are making a positive difference in reducing recidivism. Vehicle immobilization is providing officials of the law with stricter enforcement options and is placing more control in the courts by separating these dangerous traffic offenders from their vehicles.

ISP Probation

The intensive supervision program concept can be successful in providing defendants with a program that focuses on intensive rehabilitation as opposed to punitive measures. The intensive supervision program is the last rehabilitative program the court can offer a defendant before sanctions become strictly punitive. The model program was originally designed for defendants who were convicted of multiple drinking and driving related offenses. It has been expanded to include any defendant with a serious substance abuse problem or a history of substance abuse. Thirty percent of the participants were violated from the program for failing to comply with the terms. This type of program will assisted with the chronic overcrowding conditions of jails by diverting defendants from jail that typically would have received lengthy jail terms. For example, it is estimated that by sentencing defendants to the Intensive Supervision Program in Jackson in 2004, the court freed up 2,017 jail beds, which totals approximately $670,950 in jail bed dollars saved.


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