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Offender Monitoring - House Arrest


Alcohol Monitoring Bracelet
SCRAMx can be leveraged in a wide variety of program applications within the criminal justice system that have one common denominator – the alcohol offender. From pre-trial to community re-entry and everything in between, SCRAMx helps offenders abstain from alcohol and begin addressing the root cause of the problem – their addiction – to help effect long-term change


While blood and breath tests only measure sobriety at a specific point in time, SCRAMx samples the offender’s sweat every half hour. This gives you complete 24/7 coverage, rather than just a snapshot look at when your offenders are on their best behavior.

Now with CAM and house arrest together in one device, the integrated benefits of SCRAMx let you:

  • Heighten accountability by detecting both alcohol consumption and an offender’s presence in the home

  • Reduce workload and streamline operations by eliminating the redundancies of setting up and managing two separate devices
  • Flexibly supervise offenders based on behavior using the SCRAMx Adjustable Contingency Model
  • Allow those offenders who are not a threat to the community when sober to earn jail credit for time served while being continuously monitored


Alcohol Monitoring Program
Within the home is a visual screen and a breathalyzer, which communicates with a computer in the monitoring center. Upon a computer call, the offender is instructed to blow into the breathalyzer and transmit their picture by pushing a button on the screen. The visual screen transmits the picture, along with the actual alcohol reading, directly into the computer in "picture" format. The computer generates reports listing all calls that have been made including the date and time each call took place, and pictures can be viewed and printed at any time.
This system can also be used without the breathalyzer portion for monitoring curfew only which entails random calls where the offender has to perform a simple task, such as placing a hand on their head, before transmitting their picture (the task is ever-changing to prevent duplication).


Electronic Tether Program
We offer a variety of radio frequency equipment. All RF systems consist of a transmitter, worn on the wrist or ankle of the offender, and a receiver which is placed in the offender's home.The transmitter communicates with the receiver, which has a pre-set range in which the offender must stay, during the times they are to be at home. All transmitters are tamper proof and water resistant-some have "dual" tamper detection, meaning it not only measures strap tampers, but also whether or not there is "mass" within the strap.The receiver communicates, via the home telephone line, to a computer in the monitoring center; all leaves, returns, fail to returns, tampers, and power or phone problems as they occur.


GPS Tracking System
The Omnilink GPS unit is a patent protected satellite surveillance and control system specifically developed for the criminal justice system. The vastly increased effectiveness of satellite tracking is what makes the breakthrough possible. The Omnilink System lets electronic monitoring finally realize it's full potential. Criminal justice personnel can declare virtually any area off-limits, and set proximity limits for each offender.
A surveillance data center tracks offender movements and data around the clock, and continuous archiving makes historical data always accessible for generating reports for criminal justice officials. Alarms are automatically sounded and authorities, victims, and defendants (if you choose) can be notified of any violations.


Electronic Probation Reporting
This speech processing computer, with voice verification technology, places random phone calls to the home, office, counselor, etc, and identifies the offender by electronically comparing the vocal chords to the voice template (like a finger print), which was created upon enrollment into the program. Because the technology digitizes each voice print, natural changes in the voice, such as colds, early morning, etc. still allow the computer to positively identify the individual.
In addition to, (or instead of) the random calls, this computer will receive calls from offenders and will prompt predetermined questions, which can be answered by the offender by simply pressing a number on the keypad of his/her phone.
Compliance reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


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