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SCRAM continuous alcohol monitoring devices, Remote Breath devices and GPS offender tracking is available in throughout Michigan from JSG.

Oakland County selects JSG to monitor jail inmates on GPS.

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Public-Private Partnerships That Work!
Judicial Services Group provides a diversity of services to the public, legal, and corporate sectors, as well as services to our country's judiciary and law enforcement.

Judicial Services Group provides multi-faceted services to Michigan Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies. Among these are: court collections for traffic violations, civil fines, probation and other costs; drug testing; electronic offender monitoring; fill-in court room bailiffs, high security Identification Cards, PBT reporting, intensive supervision probation, bench warrant service, and vehicle immobilization.

Our Court Officers and Deputy Sheriffs offer a wide array of services, including warrant enforcement, property seizures, evictions, and the enforcment of various court orders.


JSG is proud to be an integral part of the judicial system and to provide needed services to a diversity of clients and government.

Judicial Services Group
Jackson, MI